How to make Charcoal grilled burgers

Charcoal grilled burgers
Ingredients :900 grams of minced beef. A large scrambled egg. A third cup of oats. Small teaspoon of onion salt Quarter a teaspoon of garlic salt. Small teaspoon pepper. A teaspoon of salt. Six pieces of hamburger bread open from the middle. Sauce ingredients: a glass of ketchup. Half a cup of brown sugar. One-third cup of sugar. Small cup honey. Quarter a cup of molasses. Two teaspoons of mustard. 2 teaspoons of Worcestershire sauce. A quarter teaspoon of salt. A quarter teaspoon of liquid smoke (BBQ sauce). A teaspoon of pepper.

Preparation :
Place a small saucepan over medium heat and mix ketchup, brown sugar, sugar, honey, molasses, mustard, Worcestershire sauce, salt, BBQ sauce and pepper and leave to boil and remove from heat. Keep 1 cup of sauce to serve with burgers. Mix the eggs with oats in a large bowl and add a quarter cup of remaining barbecue sauce. Season the mixture with onion salt, garlic salt, pepper and salt and add the minced meat.

Mix the ingredients together well until the burgers dough is formed and then form the dough in the form of burgers (approximately six sandwiches). Ignite the grill and grill the burgers for six to eight minutes per side. Grease the burgers in the sauce mixture with the last five minutes of grilling. Served with hamburger bread and prepared barbecue sauce.

Burger with balsamic sauce with rosemary focaccia bread
Ingredients Two cups of balsamic vinegar. Tablespoon brown sugar. Rosemary butter. A quarter cup of unsalted butter. Tablespoon rosemary leaves. Ingredients of meat sandwiches: six hundred seventy-five grams of minced beef. cup balsamic sauce. Two teaspoons of sea salt. Half a teaspoon of ground black pepper. olive oil. A pinch of salt – to marinate -. Four pieces of focaccia bread – to serve -. Four slices of white cheddar cheese – to serve -. Two and a half cups of watercress – to serve – 2 tomatoes to serve. Four slices of bacon to serve. Fries – to serve.

Preparation :
Cut the tomatoes into eight slices. Put the meat in a bowl and mix it with salt, balsamic sauce, black pepper and olive oil. Form the mixture into four tablets of burgers of the same size and thickness. Mix the butter and in a bowl with balsamic, brown sugar, rosemary leaves and rosemary butter to prepare the sauce. Roast the tablets directly over the fire for 10 minutes, grate them with sauce every 2 minutes and stir once. Put a piece of cheese on each sandwich of meat in the last minute of the barbecue until it melts.

Grease tomato slices with oil and season with salt to taste and then grill until soft for two to four minutes. Grease the bread sandwiches with butter and rosemary mixture and grill from the inside side for a minute until toasted. Place a piece of meat and cheese inside each sandwich of bread and place watercress, bacon and two slices of tomato and serve with French fries.

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