How to make Cheese burger sandwich at home

Ingredients : Six slices of cheddar cheese or slice cheese. Six pieces of burgers. A large piece of tomatoes cut into slices. Large egg yolk. Two and a half cups of flour. 1 teaspoon baking powder. A glass of warm water. A quarter cup of corn oil. 2 tablespoons of powdered milk powder. tow big spoon of sugar. 1 tablespoon roasted sesame A tablespoon of soft instant yeast. Small spoon of salt. Half a teaspoon of garlic powder.

Preparation :
Put flour, milk, yeast, baking powder, garlic powder, sugar, salt, water, and oil in a blender bowl. Install the dough beater, and knead the ingredients until we get a cohesive dough. Add a little flour if the dough is soft. Knead the dough for three to four minutes at a slow speed. Make the dough in the form of a ball and then put it in a pot greased with oil and grease its surface with a little oil as well. Wrap the dough with nylon and place it for about half an hour in a warm place until it doubles in size. Heat a pan over medium heat, then put a little oil.

Roast the burgers in oil in batches until cooked with a little oil when needed. Remove the burgers from the oil and allow them to cool completely. Straighten the dough using a crossbow on a floured surface so that it becomes medium thick. Cut the dough into several tablets using a medium-sized slicer. Grease the edges of the dough tablets with a little egg yolk. Place a slice of burgers on top of a slice of dough, place a slice of tomato and finally slice of cheese. Cover the ingredients with another disc of dough and fix the edges until they stick well. Repeat the same way with other tablets in making burgers.

Place the pancakes spaced in the oven tray, wrap them in nylon and leave them for about half an hour until they double in size. Grease the surface of the pancakes with the egg yolk using a brush, then distribute the sesame on its face. Heat the oven at a temperature of one hundred and ninety degrees Celsius. Bake the pancakes in the oven for a quarter of an hour to twenty minutes until they become golden. Remove the pancakes from the oven and place a towel over them for 2 minutes and serve.

Burger stuffed with cheese and meat
Ingredients :
Burger bread. Half a kilogram of red cheddar cheese right. Kilogram of minced meat. Little mayonnaise. Leaves of lettuce. A few tomatoes are cut into rings. A little red onion sliced. Black pepper. Salt – as desired -. Volume 0% Preparation Mix meat, black pepper, and salt together in a bowl. Form the meat mixture into medium-sized balls. Cut the cheese into cubes. Stuffing meat balls with cheese cubes. Put the oil in a bowl over medium heat. Drain the meat balls in the oil for two to four minutes per side. Divide the bread in half. Place the meat balls stuffed with cheese in the bread and then mayonnaise, lettuce, tomatoes and onions.

Small burger with cheese and ketchup
The burgers are small. Half a kilogram of minced meat lean. Three quarters of a cup of grated cheddar cheese. Three quarters of a cup of ketchup. an egg. A sprinkle of garlic powder.

How to prepare :
Mix the meat, egg, garlic powder, half a cup of ketchup, and half a cup of cheese together in a bowl. Form the meat mixture in medium-sized balls. Place the meat balls in the bread and press them gently. Straighten the aluminum foil into the baking tray and place the stuffed burgers. Heat the oven to a temperature of one hundred seventy-five degrees Celsius. Bake the burgers in the oven for 20 minutes. Remove the burgers from the oven and then distribute the remaining ketchup over it and then sprinkle the remaining cheese on the face. Bake the burgers in the oven again for about five minutes until the cheese melts and bubbles form.

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